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                 Coming home at the end of the day and taking a nice long, hot shower is a daily indulgence that anyone can appreciate. Nothing feels better than getting rid of the stress of the day and allowing the soothing feel of water to wash away your stresses and frustration. Before reaching for your favorite bar of soap however, have you considered the soothing effects of a high quality body scrub to do more than just cleanse your skin? Leave your shower feeling more than refreshed, leave it feeling revitalized and ready to go!

            A body scrub is one of those wonderful products that offer many benefits to the body, mind and soul. Although most people will use a standard bar soap for cleansing purposes and call it a day, they are not left with a truly satisfying experience. Remember that a shower or bath is a time to relax, allow the tension of the day to drift out of your muscles and ease your mind of stress.


            In the simplest form a body scrub uses a gentle abrasive texture to assist in the cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. Over time dead skin cells accumulate on the surface and leave the skin looking tired, uneven and sometimes dry or flaky. The texture will become rougher over time and eventually standard soap and water will no longer work their charm in making you feel truly clean when you emerge to face the world. Indeed, most bar soaps cannot truly penetrate the skin and offer deep clean and hydrating benefits that a simple body scrub can provide in one simple step.


            There are many types of body scrubs available that consist of varying textures and ingredients. Many day spas will include a body scrub with their services because the soothing scent and benefits to the skin will enhance the pampering experience they can offer to their clientele. Bringing that experience home can be a truly wonderful way to have a small luxury to look forward to after a long day and work, school or strenuous physical activity.

            Popular ingredients and bases for scrubs include salt, oil, sugar, herbal remedies and fruit blends. A good body scrub with have a slightly grainy texture and fragrance that is pleasant and soothing to the consumer. Remember that body scrubs are a total sensory experience and should be tailored to fit your individual needs and preferences.

            Body scrubs are not recommended for use if you have skin conditions such as sun damage (like burning) or sensitivity to topical products as the body scrub may worsen these conditions. Consult with a doctor and/or trained esthetician if you have any concerns regarding certain ingredients or health issues. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reactions such as itchiness, redness, rashes or discomfort during or after use.

            Take advantage of the simple pleasures in life and try incorporating a body scrub into your routine. Not only will your skin feel smooth and refreshed but hydrated and nourished to the deepest level. Create your own soothing spa experience at home and keep the “back from the spa” refreshed feeling all week long.

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Shio Doro is a special blend of minerals and plant extracts from around the globe including Arctic Peat, Wasabi and Japanese Mushroom extracts that enhance the overall look and feel of your skin. While Shio Doro Mud and Contouring Serum can be applied as a wrap for the entire body to improve the skin, it is especially effective with in areas that has suffered from a loss of elasticity or cellulite, such as the legs and arms.

Shio Doro, meaning “Salt Mud” diminishes cellulite by removing impurities when combined with active massage, while providing a deep hydration. The use of a high mineral content blend will help to firm the skin in these areas and create a smoother look and feel. For maximum effectiveness, a series of at least 3 to 6 weekly treatments is recommended.

Receiving a Shio Doro treatment will leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Your experience at the spa during a Shio Doro Anti Cellulite Treatment will include a combination of Umikarano Yuki sea salt, white Arctic peat and wasabi extract which detoxifies, rejuvenates skin metabolism, enhances circulation, eliminates toxins and improves tone and firmness. You will also get a dry brushing to remove dead skin cells, the Shio Doro mud wrap, and a gentle massage with Cellufirm Contouring Serum and Cellufirm Créme. This treatment will rejuvenate tired and aging skin while working to restore natural firmness and texture.

By removing the build up of dead skin cells and debris, your skin will appear more even in tone and assist in the creation of new and healthier skin cells. The long term benefits of this service will promote smoother skin and reduce significant problems such as cellulite.

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