Facial masques (sometimes referred to as masks) are the next big thing and should be added to your supply of beauty products and skin care routine as soon as possible. Great benefits like smoother skin and a healthier glow aside, did you know that by using the right kind of masque, you can reduce or get rid of many common skin problems. Imagine all that from one skin treatment applied anywhere from once a week to once a month!

Day spas have been using masques for years as a gentle way to exfoliate, cleanse and “detoxify” the face, but did you know that face masques have actually been in most cultures for centuries? The use of a masque (facial and full body) is an age old tradition that was used for everything from spiritual rituals to healing. Back then and today a masque can be used to draw out undesirable qualities from the body and help to restore the skin to its natural beauty.
Most masques available will be applied directly to the face and need time to “dry” before removal. During this time your masque will be cleansing and exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells and debris. Different oils and extracts will penetrate the skin during this time to improve hydration and tone. Masques intended to treat skin conditions such as acne will help to clear and minimize the pores.
The type of masque you should use depends entirely on your individual skin type and needs. Most masques will indicate if they are meant to treat a specific skin condition such as dryness, oily, acne or sensitive skin. If you have special concerns regarding your skin, consult with a dermatologist or esthetician to find an appropriate mask.
When used regularly masques will help to keep your skin clear, tighten and improve texture and may reduce premature wrinkles. Follow all directions carefully and discontinue use immediately if you develop any adverse reactions such as redness or itching.

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