1. Benefits of Synthetic Bristles- Hypoallergenic, great with liquid or cream products, like foundation or concealer.  Natural brushes trap products, synthetic create full and smooth cover finish.  They are long-lasting and quick-drying and perfect when applying shimmer to eyelids.
  2. Benefits of Natural Bristles- Very durable, ideal for powder, shadows, bronzers and highlighter.  They are excellent for pick-up and building properties.  Blending is effortless and creates a natural look.
  3. Dense vs. Fluffy- Dense brush deposits are more product of a dramatic look.  Fluffy brush is used to achieve a smoother, more natural look.  A dense brush creates a sultry, smokey eye and a fluffy brush is used for an everyday natural look.  Shorter bristles are better for full coverage, longer are better for sweeping color, using powder and blush.
  4. Blending- This is fundamental to the application process and the number one key for achieving a flawless look.  Blending is crucial to landing a beautiful eye shadow finish.  For example, natural blush blending is ideal for creating the perfect eye shadow crease.  Blending comes in  a good back and forth motion.
  5. Bronzing & Blush- Building coverage can be achieved best by natural bristles, but using a synthetic brush means you can apply more product at a time.
  6. Contour Brushes- This is one of the most popular trends in the cosmetic industry.  With the right brush, this look is easily achieved.  Using a flat, dense blush for precise definition and a fluffy, natural one for a subtle, shadowed contour is best.
  7. Eyeshadow Application- There are five staple brushes needed to create a professional style look.  First use a blending brush to smooth out harsh lines.  Then use a flat synthetic brush to apply loose or pressed shimmer on the eyelid.  After that try a pencil brush for the inner and outer corners of the eye.  Then use a crease brush to intensity the outer corners of the crease.  Finally, use a smudge brush to smoke out or diffuse harsh lines on the creases and lash lines.
  8. Highlight Brushes-  (also known as strobing) This is the latest super trend.  A small natural fan brush is perfect for creating a smooth and diffused glow on the cheekbone.  The natural brush helps disperse the highlighter evenly, picking up less product for a gradual build.  You can use a synthetic brush to apply highlighter to the inner eye and eyebrow bone.
  9. Brush Care-  This is very important for the best makeup application.  It’s essential for preventing breakouts and infections.  Make for regularly deep clean your brushes, and never use products with harsh chemicals or alcohol to prevent drying.  Using an antibacterial soap and water to clean brushes works just fine, but there are soaps specifically made for brushes, both will remove buildup and residue.  If your brushes are becoming a bit dry you can add a tiny amount of oil to soap to prevent further drying while washing.  To dry, just squeeze lightly to remove water and lay flat on a towel or hang upside down overnight.  Larger brushes can take up to 24 hours to dry.
  10. Liner Brushes- The right brush helps you achieve precision and perfection.  Liner brushes help with defining the eyes, filling in the eyebrows or concealing imperfections.  Angled liner brushes help create a winged liner look.  These brushes can be used with powders, gels and creams.