By Nina Howard

 Most of the country has been ringing in the New Year with sub-zero temperatures and piling layers of clothes onto very dry skin.   My life is no exception.

When I was applying my moisturizer this morning it was -5 degrees outside.  I noticed drninay patches on my cheeks.  Since I walk my dog 4 times a day, there is no escaping winter chafing unless I dress with a niqab or ski mask.  With this severe weather to add to the ‘normal’ winter harshness, I decided it was time to change my skin care regiment to support my skin in the harsh winter weather.

First, I set my bottle of Honeylift Massage Lotion on my vanity to remind myself to add this to my daily routine.  Since Honeylift is so hydrating, I recommend that you ‘wear’ it for a few minutes and then begin your tapotement technique.   A few minutes of wearing the Honeylift followed by a couple of minutes of tapping will give your skin’s immune system a boost while hydrating your skin cells.  A great time for this routine is while preparing for bedtime.

Secondly, with the dry patches, I will add Glycolic Toner 10% for 3 or 4 straight days to give my skin a chance to do deeper exfoliation.  I typically use Glycolic Toner only 2 or 3 days straight every week or two to help to slough my dead skin and then I polish off the loosened dead skin cells with Salicylic Enzyme Exfoliant.  I don’t go overboard on Glycolic but find that using it for a few consecutive days and then buffing the dead skin off with an exfoliant scrub is like getting a light peel without any downside.

Remember to apply ample amounts of moisturizer to your skin including your neck.   For these winter months, it is wise to go one step heavier for daily moisturizer.  I will set aside my Botanical Moisturizer for a richer (more emollient) one.  Restorative Marine Moisturizer will work better for my normal skin than my usual Botanical Moisturizer or Alpha Lipoic Perfection Crème which I use in the summer.

To add one more tidbit of information, I will switch to  Bellanina Cosmeceutical Copper Peptide as my anti-aging serum.  The Bellanina Cosmeceutical Copper Peptide has CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid which helps to repair environmental damage.  It is excellent to use after exfoliation and very hydrating as well as firming.  Don’t forget to apply Bellanina Hand & Body Crème to your entire body.  There is nothing worse than the stinging, itching feeling on your legs and body from ultra dry skin.

When you follow through in your own life with amazing home care, it is easy to share the positive results you are achieving with your clients.  Now is the perfect time to focus your Bellanina business on solutions that will help your clients look good and feel good, every day!