These past few years, the skin care industry has been in a state of influx.  Greater treatment and product opportunities exist for smoothing, lifting, firming and wrinkle reduction as well as reducing hyperpigmentation, and zapping broken capillaries.  All these treatments via laser, deep exfoliation through peels, injectables and ‘lifts’ often give quick results but come with a price.  Some of these treatments may actually create long-term effects, which may exacerbate the conditions they are designed to treat.

Coined by University of Bologna Professor Claudio Franceschi, PhD, ‘inflammaging” is the underlying inflammatory changes to the causes of most age-associated diseases.  Many of the treatments we see today cause inflammation, which over the long term degenerates the skin.  Inflammation can be the body’s response to cellular aggression via treatments or products.  The injury creates inflammation as a defense mechanism, which helps to heal cells from the injury, and helps protect the body from the consequences of that injury.  Injury is not all bad!  Injury can also stimulate tissue repair and healing but this too can come at a price.  Overtime, the telomeres shorten (ends of DNA strands) curtailing the DNA’s ability to repair and normal function gets compromised, thus short-term gain.

The Bellanina Facelift Massage is not the answer to every skin care concern but it is a treatment method that allows the bodies’ own innate healing capacities to come into focus.  When you give a Bellanina Facelift Massage, the active metabolic process creates a healing effect from the active stimulation.  That is why we call it, “Creating Beauty with Healing Hands”.  Between your healing hands, and the body’s innate desire to rejuvenate itself, the skin becomes more radiant, tissue is cleansed, energy is released, muscles toned, the outer layers of the skin become smoother and more refined and the client gets a bonus….sheer heaven!

When clients come to you with questions about the latest fad in anti-aging, you can assure them that what you have to offer is a holistic treatment that not only is good for their body to relieve stress, it is also good for their skin to create the radiance of their younger days.  And to counteract skin stressed by the environment, your health, or heredity, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid have been shown to clean up free radical damage and begin to repair compromised skin.  If you had one product for anti-aging, I would add Bellanina Cosmecutical Alpha Lipoic Acid Serum to your anti-aging regimen, or our trio of Alpha Lipoic Acid for complete skin rejuvenation.  Together with the Bellanina Facelift Massage, you have a winner!

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