Your feet and hands are probably the most overworked parts of your body. Just think about how many times a day you need to walk somewhere, grab something or pick something up. Doing the “dirty work” means exposing the skin in these areas to harsh chemicals, rough materials and lots of grime and bacteria. Just think about everything your feet and hands go through every day and it is no wonder they can end up looking dry, wrinkled and neglected.

Take a Hands on Approach!

Dry and cracked skin is a common problem for many hands and feet because of the constant use and exposure to external factors (such as cold weather or chemicals). Simply washing the hands and drying them without providing extra care can be damaging as well because many soaps contain ingredients that will rob the skin of essential oils needed for good hydration (and good hydration means smoother skin).

A good moisturizer is the best defense against these problems because it will replace essential nutrients and oils to the body. Depending on the level of damage to the skin present, a heavier duty moisturizer may be required or it may simply take a few days to see real results. Rough skin (such as calloused palms) will benefit from a daily moisturizer as well since they are also designed to soften the skin.

Tidbit to Remember In some professions it is necessary to wash your hands several times throughout the course of the day. This constant washing will help sanitize the hands but will dry them out just as quickly. Carry a small travel sized lotion in your purse, pocket or even at your work station to apply following each wash.

Woe to the Foot

The feet are an area of the body that suffers from dryness, rough texture and calluses. Add these up and they may not be the most pleasing area of the body to look at and can lead to severe foot conditions over time. There are several ways to fight this damage and keep your feet looking fabulous for the next time you step out in flip flops!

Exfoliation and scrubs are great for combating those dry heels and callused toes. The build up of dead skin leads to wrinkles and rough textures so it is important to remove these useless cells regularly. Most scrubs should be used bi-weekly to monthly because over exfoliation can damage the skin as well. A good scrub will have a course texture and will typically leave the skin feeling refreshed after just one treatment (although several may be required to reverse all damage).

Lotion for……your feet? It is common practice to lotion the hands, face, arms and legs but do you ever stop to rub a little moisture on your toes? A simple daily moisturizer (many body lotions will work for this) can work wonders on rough and scaly skin that appears on your feet. Take a minute in your daily routine to refresh the feet and offer them some relief. Some foot moisturizers contain special ingredients that will help soothe aching feet while hydrating as well.

                 Never forget that your entire body is covered with skin and although different areas may require different types of care, neglecting any portion of the body is a bad practice. Your skin does show much to protect your body it is time to return the favor by protecting the skin with a few easy steps. Most treatments require only minutes to complete and can do wonders in smoothing texture, improving tone and reversing the effects of age on the body. Try showing your feet and hands a little love and appreciation for a job well done today!

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