This hydrating mask is great for any season and a variety of hair concerns.  It can help rid summer sun, chlorine, chemical hair dyes and styling products that can make hair damaged dry and straw-like.

What you’ll need:

-One egg yolk

-One tablespoon of melted coconut oil

-One tablespoon of olive oil

Warm the oils (15-30 seconds in the microwave should do it), then add the yolk and whisk together.  Coat your hair and massage it into your scalp.  The mixture will become stiff as the coconut oil cools down.  Cover your hair with a towel and let the mask work its magic for 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes is up, shampoo and rinse hair well.  Your result: shinning, hydrated, bouncing, rejuvenated locks!  Now go rock it!!

roses-2109442_1920    rosewater toner sm    roses-2182704_1920

Rosewater is created through steam distillation of rose petals and is often used in toners and facial spritzes, like our Bellanina Rosewater Mineral Toner.  Rosewater has a high concentration of Vitamin A and C and antioxidants that help to hydrate the skin.  It is often recommended for clients with sensitive skin or conditions like rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm and soothe skin irritations and flare-ups.  Rosewater, also, has antibacterial properties that make it beneficial for clients with acne.  Additionally, it can help to uplift the mood and increase spirits!

Our Bellanina Rosewater Mineral Toner is unique in containing hydrating and astringent components such as witch hazel, Dead Sea salts and aromatic rosewater.  The witch hazel reduces inflammation, soothes, and heals and the Dead Sea salts purify and re-mineralize.  The rosewater softens, reduces inflammation, refreshes, moisturizes and soothes the skin; tones, cleanses, and has a regenerating effect.  Clients love the natural rose fragrance and often mist it over their entire bodies after bathing before applying moisturizer for even more hydration.  Stay Rosy!



A single square centimeter of skin host approximately one billion microbes.

Every facet of our mind body health is interconnected.  Stress effects skin appearance.

Our skin naturally has a pH of 4 to 5.5, acidic, this creates comfort for beneficial bacteria but also an uncomfortable one for inhospitable or harmful ones.

Alkaline, toxic chemicals and products that remove 99.9% of germs disrupt the natural acid pH balance of the skin and disrupt the skin micro-biome.

Maintain healthy skin micro-biome: Use tepid water, too hot of water removes lipids and oils that keep your skin from drying out and also removes good bacteria.  Consider showering with a filter to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants.  Look at your skin care and body products, make sure they don’t contain harsh, synthetic chemicals that may disrupt your skin’s natural acid mantle.

Consider your cosmetics, if you wear makeup daily, the ingredients in your cosmetics are being absorbed all day long into your body.  Also buy makeup for the short term, and make sure you are throwing away old makeup.

Think about your clothing, look for natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, etc.  Also, look at your laundry detergent and dryer sheet ingredients.

From the American Academy of Dermatology

  1. Use sunscreen everyday (even in the winter!)
  2. Don’t Smoke
  3. Check skin for skin cancer
  4. Don’t use tanning beds
  5. Use skin care for your skin type
  6. Don’t over-exfoliate
  7. Wash your face morning and night
  8. Wash gently
  9. Reduce stress
  10. See a professional for advice

Literally translated, the term feng shui means wind-water.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, symbolically, feng has the meaning of wind/air and represents yang or masculine energy and shui has the meaning water and represents yin of feminine energy.  Yang should be thought of as outgoing, like a centrifugal force, while yin should be thought of as receiving, like gravity.  They are two parts of the same whole that create a duo energy that fuels all living things.

Using the feng shui bagua, color and the five element chart, you can see how energy flows through your spa space.  The goal is to create a safe and sacred space for clients to feel nourished that represents you and your essence.

The bagua, meaning eight areas, is a feng shui template that is used as an overlay to observe the natural flow of energy in your entire spa and individual rooms.  This is represented in a table:

spa bagua table.jpg

Hold the bagua table in your hand as you stand at the main entrance.  Your entrance will be through one of the following areas: knowledge/ self-cultivation, life path/ career, or helpful people/ travel.  Overlay your chart onto your room based on the entrance.  The far right corner will always be your relationships/ service area, and the far left corner will always be the wealth/ empowerment area.


Each color has its own vibratory rate that helps to energize, stimulate and even lift the spirits.  Warm colors, including red, orange and yellow, are most stimulating and energizing.  Blues and purples are cool and considered to be the most calming and enlightening.  As a shade gets closer to red, it becomes more stimulating; as it moves closer to blue, it becomes more calming.  Yellow is energizing, helping to lift the spirits; while green symbolizes new growth, balance and healing.  Each color has an intensity range, meaning how bright or soft it appears.  The brighter the color the more energy it will generate.  Your space will benefit most from soft, calming colors of the walls with corresponding color accents to match the various bagua areas you choose to enhance.

Five Elements:

They are a core part of traditional Chinese Medicine, as they represent the cyclical energy flow of nature.  Each is explained in the chart below:

five element chart.jpg

Pulling it All Together:

You don’t need to use every part of the bagua table.  Pick one or two areas to focus on rather than trying to make adjustments in all nine areas at once.

Starting in the relationships/ service area is ideal; it will enhance your client relationships.  Use the color pink, the color of love, predominately.  Also, display things in sets of two, like rose quartz hearts or crystals.  The knowledge/ self-cultivation area, across from the relationships/ service corner is also a good place to focus because it represents your level of skill and gives you credibility.  Use symbols of wisdom, like your license, in this area.  Exuding wisdom attracts a better quality of client.  Keeping a clutter free area will help to enhance wealth, along with using symbols like red silk mystic knot with coins, a fountain, a bamboo plant or citrine crystals.  Also, remember to keep trash and laundry out of sight.

There is no need to force these, just appreciate the laws of nature and honor them.  Allow the energy to flow through, not just your work but throughout your whole life.


We often think hard about what we put on our face and how it will effect or skin, but what about the food we put in our bodies?  Everyone has a specific beauty goal in mind, and there are certain foods help with these; from Eczema relief to strong nails.  Here are a list of beauty goals and foods to help get you there!

  • Blemish Control: Fermented Food, Greens, Lemons, Oysters, Pumpkin Seeds, & Turmeric.
  • Calm Complexion: Coconut Milk, Ginger, Mushrooms, Raw Cacao, Raw Sauerkraut, &   Turmeric.
  • Diminish Dark Circles: Asparagus, Beets, Celery, Grapes, Greens, Escarole, & Watermelon.
  • Eczema Relief: Buckwheat, Ginger, Hemp Seeds, Onions, Raw Honey, Turmeric, & Wild Salmon.
  • Full Body Anti-Aging: Asparagus, Blueberries, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Raw Cacao, Turmeric, & Wild Salmon.
  • Glowing Skin: Acorn Squash, Greens, Lemon, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, & Sweet Potato.
  • Healthier Hair: Bananas, Greens, Oats, Pastured Eggs, Radishes, & Sardines.
  • Hydration: Avocado, Cucumber, Flaxseed, Hemp Seeds, Mushrooms, Walnuts, & Wild Salmon.
  • Reduce Inflammation: Almond Butter, Borage Oil, Dark Berries, Dark Leafy Greens, Wild Mackerel, & Wild Salmon.
  • Strengthen Nails: Almonds, Hemp Seeds, Raspberries, Red Cabbage, Swiss Chard, & Winter Squash.

Rethink Your Moisturizer

That light and creamy moisturizer you used all summer isn’t going to cut it when the weather is cold and dry and humidity levels are low. Find thcopper peptidee right moisturizer for your skin type and add a skin serum underneath for additional hydration. For example, if you have acne prone skin, try Bellanina Botanical Calendula Oil Free Crème using our Copper Peptide Serum as an additional hydrator underneath. For dry skin, you want to use a moisturizer with oils such as safflower or soybean.   Our Restorative Marine Moisturizer with soybean oil is tops for hydrating in the cold winter months.

 Rethink How You Bathe

Although it is tempting to take a long, hot shower or bath when it is chilly outside, it prevents your skin from retaining all of the moisture it needs. A hot shower or bath affects the outer layer of the skin called the epidermis which has cells called keratinocytes. These cells, loaded with keratin (also found in hair and nails), provide the body’s defense against the outside environment and help to provide the barrier to allow your skin to retain moisture. In addition, your body produces a thin layer of oil on the skin’s surface to help this moisture retention.

Here’s what happens. The heat from your shower or bath softens your skin’s oils. Just think of how butter reacts when it is heated. When you add soap to the equation, your skin’s oil barrier can get quickly stripped away. Without these oils, the moisture in your skin escapes, leading to dryness and itching. The longer and hotter the shower, the faster this process takes place and the more moisture you’re likely to lose.

So, keep your shower or baths as brief as possible with lukewarm water. Don’t rub, but pat yourself dry and be sure to apply your body/face moisturizers within a minute after bathing while your skin is still slightly damp.

Exfoliation Is Even More Important In The Winter

Let’s talk about why. Cold, dry air coupled with intermittent bursts of hot, dry air indoor heating sucks the moisture out of cells, leaving skin feeling tight, dull and sometimes flaky. Cell turnover doesn’t actually slow down during the winter months, however, the weather extremes between hot and cold cause skin cells to ‘die’ faster as they dehydrate. As we age, our rate of skin cell turnover is reduced making exfoliation even more important.

Very gentle, exfoliation twice a week will wash away these dead cells at the surface, to reveal smoother, younger looking skin. Also, exfoliators improve the effectiveness of moisturizers. Since you will be using even more monew_jojobacroppedisturizing lotions and creams in the winter, you’ll want to exfoliate to maximize their hydrating potential.

There are two main types of exfoliants: chemical and physical.  Our Cosmeceutical Glycolic Cleanser is an example of a chemical exfoliant that contain glycolic acid. Our Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser is a physical exfoliant that employs natural jojoba beads to “scrub” away the dead cells.  It is always important to apply moisturizing cream or lotion to the skin immediately after exfoliation for the maximum hydrating effect.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Always use lip balm or petroleum jelly to both moisturize and create a protective barrier between your lips and the cold, dry winter air. airlipvibran-c balm when you are doing the rest of your skin care, make it part of your routine. If your lips are particularly chapped, you can make your own lip scrub to smooth aways the dead flaky skin. All you need to do is apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to your lips and then rub them with a little sugar or a soft toothbrush using circular motions. Remember to be gentle and that all of the flaky skin may not come off in one treatment! You can also use our Vibran C lip treatment with lots of Vitamin C to repair your chapped lips.

Give Your Feet A Good Night’s Rest

For dry, callused feet, gently buff away the calluses with a pumice stone or foot scrub before bed. Immediately apply a thick moisturizer while your feet are still damp and wear socks made of natural fabric overnight. If that doesn’t do the trick, then up your game with an over the counter cream containing glycolic acid or urea that will exfoliate as well as moisturize. If you do that for a month, you should see some great results!